Wine racking is available in a variety of designs, materials, qualities and price points. Choose from four main types of wine racking:

Is it just wine racking you need? If you’ve got a substantial collection of fine wines you’ll want to display them brilliantly and protect them. Contact us for advice on proper storage and preservation of your investment.

Modular Wood Wine Rack Systems

Modular wine racking systems are an economical alternative to custom racking. Choose from a variety of modules in different sizes and configurations to best fit your space and collection. Haven’t built your wine room yet? Take note of the module dimensions and build your space to fit the racking – like it was custom made!

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modular wine racks

Blue Grouse Modular Wine Rack Systems

Top-quality craftsmanship and materials go into making these wine racking modules…

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Precision Kit Wine Racks – Stain Available

Shop Online! Value priced with 3 heights, 6 stains and optional lacquer to choose from…

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top quality modular wine racks

The Artisan Collection – Custom Quality Modular

Fine fit and finish makes this modular wine racking system the best in Blue Grouse’s offering…

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Wine Racking

Vintage Keeper Wine Racks

Perfect for the do-it-yourselfer, this entry-level modular California Redwood wine racking system…

Learn more about the Vintage Keeper wine rack system

See modern wine cellar with racks in Vancouver.

Modular Wine Racking Assembly:

Assembling modular wine racking is a project suited for weekend warriors or the average handyman.

If you’re neither, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars offers assembly and installation services within the metro Vancouver area at reasonable rates.

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Metal & Aluminum Wine Rack Systems

Wall wine rack systems are a clean and modern-looking solution for wine storage. VintageView offers exciting contemporary options. Contact us for a free Vintage View wall wine racking design and quotation.


vintageview wine rack

VintageView Wall Wine Racks

With VintageView® wine racks you can view your wine bottle labels
instead of the corks…

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Millesime Wine Rack

Millesime Wine Racks

Millesime wine racks offer a contemporary, label forward design, high on aesthetics and capacity but low on cost…

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Peg Wine Racks

Panel-Mounted Wine Racking – Pegs, Cradles & More

Choose from a variety of popular contemporary wine storage solutions. Hardware mounts into wall panels.
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Vino Pins & Rails - Wine Pegs

Vino Pins & Vino Rails

Vino Pins & Rails are a revolutionary wine peg racking system with no mounting panel required. Mount to drywall, wood or masonry…

Learn more about Vino Pins & Vino Rails

floating bottles wine racks

Floating Bottles Wine Racking

The newest, ultra-contemporary wine rack offering from Millesime….

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Wall wine racking installation is available within the metro Vancouver area. Contact us for a quote.


Architectural Wine Display Systems

Looking for a striking, modern wine display where capacity isn’t the goal?

vintageview wine rack

Float Wine Display System

Suspend bottles in air with high-tension architectural cables and glass…

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wine racking with integrated LED lighting

MP Lighting Wine Racking

A sleek, modern wine display system with integrated LED lighting…

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