Wine cellar storage coolers are designed to meet different size and environmental conditions.

Learn more about wine cellar refrigeration systems and how the units below are deployed. Also contact us ico_more directly to get help in determining which type of cooling unit is best suited for your specific needs.

whisperkool Wine Cooling Unit

WhisperKOOL Cooling Units

WhisperKool cooling units, made by Viontheque, offer a large selection of models to meet your needs. Check out our best-selling WhisperKOOL Ceiling Mount Split Refrigeration System

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koolspace Wine Cooling Unit

Koolr Cooling Units

With the Koolr series, you can conveniently monitor temperatures outside your wine cellar with a lighted display.

Let the super smart controls sense conditions in your room and adjust the power levels automatically.

Quality features include superior energy efficiency, hi-temp alarm, excess humidity warning, and a multi-level vibration suppression system.

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onam Wine Cooling Unit

ONAM Cooling Units

The ONAM water cooled refrigeration system is completely self-contained and easy to install.

There are three models available depending on the location of the unit.

ONAM cooling units are quiet, vibration-free and some models are completely concealed.

These units can provide reliable refrigeration to cellars up to 2000
cubic feet.

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CellarPro Cooling Units

CellarPro wine cooling units are offered by the makers of Le Cache wine cabinets. The same care and detail that goes into their cabinets is evident in their cooling units. Enjoy powerful yet quiet operation with industry-leading warranties.

CellarPro cooling units are made for cellars from 400 – 1500 cubic feet.

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CellarCool Cooling Units

Combine advanced cooling technology, a sleek design and amazing value and you’ve got the CellarCool line of wine cooling units.
These made-in-the-USA units come in 4 different configurations to accommodate wine rooms from 265 – 2000 cubic feet.
If you’re looking for superb value then look no further than this cooling system.
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We recommend CellarPro Cooling Systems as a great alternative for most wine cellar refrigeration needs

Inoa Wine Cellar Conditioners

Finally, a stylish wine cellar cooling system! Super-quiet operation and diverse installation options make this unit by Eurocave a great choice.

Cools properly insulated spaces from 800 – 1750 cubic feet.

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