View Through Glass Doors into Completed Custom Wine Cellar

The Completed Custom Wine Cellar Wine Cabinet Replacement

You want to buy new bottles of wine to add to your collection. The problem is that there are no more slots in your small wine cabinet for additional bottles.

This should not hinder you from collecting more.

Learn how a wine cabinet installed in a small space, was transformed by an expert into a more spacious and stunning Vancouver residential custom wine cellar.


A Home Wine Cellar Renovation Project for a Growing Wine Collection

Old Wood Racking Wine Cabinet Style Wine Cellar Before

Our Client’s Wine Storage Cabinet Before the Renovation

If you’re a serious wine collector who has a growing collection, there will come a point when your existing storage racks or cabinet will not be able to accommodate all your bottles.

You need to go for a complete renovation project to increase the capacity of your wine storage space. This will also give you the opportunity to update the look of your wine room.

In a renovation project, there is still a need for careful planning, design, and construction to avoid incurring more expenses in the future.

All available options must be considered to build an efficient and beautiful room for your magnificent collection. You must choose a wine cellar company that can help you realize your dreams despite space constraints.

Vancouver Residential Custom Wine Cellar Insulation Install During Build

Installing the Insulation – Vancouver Wine Cellar Project

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars provides a turnkey solution to avid wine collectors.

As one of the most trusted builders in Vancouver, Canada, we specialize in the design and installation of residential custom wine cellars.

Custom Wine Cellar - Almost Finished, Before Glass Wall Installation

Custom Wine Cellar – Almost Finished, Before Glass Wall Installation

With passion and creativity in mind, we turn small and basic storage facilities into attractive wine cellars with higher bottle capacity.

We recently completed a renovation project in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Custom Wine Cellar Design for a Small Condominium

Nowadays, any type of residential dwelling, including condominiums, can accommodate a climate-controlled wine room.

The main challenge in constructing a wine cellar in a condo is limited space.

Small space should not stop a dedicated wine collector like you from building a lovely and convenient haven for your favorite vintages.

Our client, who lives in a beautiful condominium overlooking the ocean on Beach Avenue in Vancouver, had a straight forward, 3-door custom wine cabinet installed in an open plan living/dining area.

They chose us to help them out in the renovation of their small wine storage space. They wanted to have space for more bottles, and create a stunning wine display as well.

Custom Wine Cellar Lighted Display RowCustom Wine Cellar Lit DisplayTo increase the bottle capacity, we enlarged and reconfigured the space. To achieve a stable environment for wine, we ensured that the room was insulated, and installed with a vapor barrier. After this, we installed the racking, cooling system, doors, and lighting system.

Custom Wine Rack Design for a Vancouver Residential Wine Cellar

The racking system looks sophisticated. The wine racks on the top left and right wall have individual bottle slots. The bottom sections of both walls are diamond bins, which are intended for bulk storage.

Traditional Wine Racking in Custom Wine Cellar

Add Drama to You Wine Cellar’s Design

The back wall consists of a shaker style cabinet for housing the wine cooling unit. Above the cabinetry are shallow shelves. These shelves don’t just hide the flexible ducting, but are also used for additional storage space, displaying liquor bottles vertically.

Both sides of the cabinet have 3 columns of individual bottle racking that display the bottles with corks facing the front. There’s a horizontal display row through the whole racking layout for highlighting special bottles.

Custom Wine Cellar Racking - Diamond Bins

Custom Wine Cellar Racking – Diamond Bins Designed for Bulk Storage

The wine racks are constructed from walnut. This wood species is popular in cabinetry because of its versatility, strength, and durability.

With color ranging from light to dark brown, walnut exhibits eye-catching grain patterns.

These characteristics of wood helped us build functional and visually appealing wine racks for our client. The walnut wooden wine racks are oiled to achieve a darker, richer look.

Custom Wine Cellar Doors

The entryway is one of the factors that contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of a home wine cellar. In this Vancouver residential custom wine cellar project, the full front wall is made of frameless glass with two doors.

Handles on Frameless Glass Doors into Custom Wine CellarGlass doors allow full visibility of the wine display from outside the cellar, and add a modern appeal to the wine room.

View our gallery of custom wine cellar doors.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration System

ONAM wine cooling unit CW-30W

ONAM CW-30W Wine Cooling Unit

For every project that we do, we are committed to providing our clients all the vital components for the longevity of their wine.

We always ensure that all home wine cellars that we build are not only beautiful, but are also able to keep constant temperature and relative humidity.

In addition to proper insulation, there must be an efficient refrigeration system in your wine cellar.

ONAM is one of our trusted suppliers of quality wine cooling systems. In this renovation project, we used their ONAM CW30-W water-cooled cooling unit. When it comes to convenience, efficiency, and aesthetic benefits, this unit is an ideal choice.

It can be concealed within your racking for a seamless look in your residential wine cellar. It is designed using water cooled technology, which gives the refrigeration system the ability to expel heat through water rather than air. This means that the heat generated by the unit is transferred to water, which is run into the drain line. Because of this, no room is required for ventilation.

Display Shelves in Custom Wine CellarThe unit also comes with a wall-mounted electronic thermostat with digital display for accurate control in temperature.

There are other reasons why we selected the ONAM CW30-W water-cooled cooling unit for this custom wine cellar renovation.

  • Powerful performance
  • Suitable for a full glass front wine cellar
  • Easy to install
  • Fully self-contained so no HVAC technician was required for installation
  • Equipped with stainless steel thermal expansion valve for automatic regulation of refrigerant while maintaining the ideal humidity levels
  • Removable access panels for easy service
  • Safety high temperature controller that switches the unit off if the compressor starts to exceed normal operating temperature

Lighting System

A beautiful and effective lighting system is another important component of a wine cellar. Installing the right kind of lights will illuminate your storage space impressively, while ensuring safety of your collection.

A beautiful and effective wine cellar lighting system

LED Lights are Installed Over the Top of the Display Row to Create A Beautiful and Effective Wine Cellar Lighting System

Light Emitting Diode or LED lights are a top choice when it comes to creating a dramatic effect in your wine cellar. They provide ample, comforting glow, while emitting less heat.

Excessive heat will cause temperature fluctuations that can ruin wine’s quality. LED lights are also known for their longevity and minimal energy consumption.

BLUE GROUSE WINE CELLARSIn this project, we installed LED lighting over the top of the horizontal display row, at the top of the cooling unit cabinet, and spotlights in the ceiling. The result is a well-illuminated custom wine cellar.

Let a Master Builder Transform Your Small Storage System into a Larger Custom Wine Cellar

At Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, we use our creativity in building Vancouver residential custom wine cellars. If you have a small storage facility, which cannot accommodate your growing collection, it’s time to invest in a renovation project.

We can design your wine cellar for increased storage capacity. Contact us today at 1.888.400.CORK (2675) or get your own unique design!