Remodeling and Home Design

Adrienne Garvard Please to Recieve the Houzz design Award for Blue GrouseThe Canadian market for high tech contemporary wine cellar designs is growing at a rapid rate. Also it is our observation that Vancouver as a city often seems to take a leading role with regard to trend setting.

In 2014 Blue Grouse Wine Cellars have been inundated with requests for advanced residential wine display designs. With no let-up in sight, it appears clear that this years “must have” addition to a home is a metal and glass climate controlled wine cellar!

As we have added some of the more contemporary wine display designs to our Houzz pages we have been amazed at the response from the Canadian Houzz community. Best of Houzz Design Excellence - Blue Grouse Wine Cellars CurlWe currently get daily design requests directly from Houzz, we seem to have hit on a particular market need with the latest projects we have uploaded.

Remodeling and Home Design

To cap all this, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that we have been selected as a winner of both the customer satisfaction and design excellence professional categories by Houzz. Apparently this puts our designs up in the top 3-4% of their “230 million professional images”. Also we are aware that this is based upon feedback from their client community and reviews from our clients.

It is for this reason that we are very appreciative of our clients taking the time to provide great reviews and to Houzz for being such an amazing platform for home design ideas.

Residential wine cellars have always been a desired addition for home owners, though lately the Vancouver market seems to be in a rush to add extreme contemporary displays to high tech homes. Thanks to these high tech designs a custom wine cellar design is now something that is available to people living in high rise apartments as well in traditional homes.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars is extremely pleased to have become a leader in this emerging growth market and be recognized for design excellence in this way.

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