Wine Cellar Refrigeration Vancouver – Preservation, Efficiency and the Proper Aging of You Wine Collection

Temperature and humidity are equally important factors in the preservation of wine and careful consideration must be given to the right wine cellar refrigerators to be installed. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars are specialists in wine cellar refrigeration systems and provide an array of cooling units.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars work with clients to ensure the right wine cellar refrigeration units are chosen to provide optimal efficiency based on location, climate, size of room and ultimately budget.

Preferred Brand for Cooling Units is WhisperKool

WhisperKOOL by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars VancouverOur recommended brand for cooling unit are the WhisperKool range wine cellar refrigeration units. There are many benefits to WhisperKool products:

  • Temperatures of can be monitored outside the cellar with the lighted display.
  • The smart controls adjust power levels automatically after sensing conditions in the cellar.
  • The units are quiet, vibration free and are designed for residential or commercial use.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars also occasionally recommend the Koolr and the ONAM water cooled wine cellar refrigeration units in certain types of installations.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars is a focused, highly professional wine storage solutions company which is based in British Columbia and is able to provide a wine cellar and wine cellar refrigerators for the proper storage and preservation of the customers’ investment.

Use Your Own Vancouver Builder and Blue Grouse Wine Cellars Will HelpBlue Grouse Wine Cellars represents the ultimate in custom wine cellar construction services and wine storage solutions particularly when it comes to design, bottle size and storage capacity. Our design consultant team analyze, design and build our client’s wine cellar.

Alternatively, Use Your Own Builders and We Will Help!

Should however a customer have their own builders in place, we are happy to work with them by providing racking, wine cellar refrigeration systems and advice as needed.

The wine cellar refrigerators are a critical component of any wine cellar regardless of whether it is residential or commercial. In either case often hundreds of thousands of dollars in wine inventory can be a stake. Selecting the right one cooling system for the environment is imperative.

Choosing Blue Grouse Wine Cellars for the installation of a wine cellar and wine cellar refrigerators ensures that customers receive unique and successful solutions for the envisioned wine cellar.

Our clients spend quality time with the company’s experienced craftsman and receive the benefit of the vast knowledge of how to design in the right wine cellar refrigeration system.

Select Blue Grouse Wine Cellars Vancouver for superior craftsmanship, accountability that ensure the work is started on time and finished within the stated period.

Our Clients Wine Collection is Important to us at Blue Grouse Wine Cellars

We also go out of our way to provide advanced configuration ideas that will produce outstanding custom wine cellars to fit the space.

Selecting the right wine storage and cooling solutions is just as important as pairing the perfect wine to a special dinner occasion.

Our Clients Wine Collection is Important to us at Blue Grouse Wine Cellars

The company’s specialized knowledge can assist our clients by taking out much of the guesswork of the preservation of a great wine collection by installing the right wine cellar refrigeration system.

For enthusiastic private wine collectors, retail or food service establishments, custom built wine cellars and wine cellar refrigerators are the perfect storage solution.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars feels that great collections of wine should be showcased and protected in an equally great wine cellar.

Before embarking on the installation of a wine cellar, collectors should make inquiries about the wine cellar building codes in their area and discover if their builder is aware of the correct materials needed to prepare for a wine cellar.