Flooring made from the tops of wine barrels.

Give your wine cellar some character with reclaimed flooring made from vintage wine barrels. This Blue Grouse Wine Cellars product is a favourite of our most discerning clients.

Each individual wood plank is hand-finished by a master craftsman, meaning no two pieces are the same. A 1/8″ veneer from the barrel is placed on tongue-an-groove Baltic Birch in either a 3/8″ or 5/8″ thickness.

Choose from:

Ask us about wine barrel tabletops, countertops & other cellar surfaces!

New! Solid wood wall coverings are now available – ask us for further details.

Cooperage Wine Barrel FlooringCooperage Wine Barrel Flooring Option

Bring a little history into your cellar! This is the most distinctive of the wine barrel flooring options. Each plank is crafted from the tops of wine barrels, exhibiting unique stamps and markings.

And it’s not just a flooring option. The cooperage wood can be fashioned into countertops, tabletops and most other surfaces as well.


Wine Infusion FlooringFlooring made from the inside of wine barrels.

Wine stains are a good thing! This wine barrel flooring option is crafted from the inside of wine barrels giving it a gorgeous rich colour.

Choose this flooring option if you’re looking for a darker finish.

This wood can also be used for countertops, tabletops and other surfaces in your wine cellar.


Stave Wine Barrel FlooringStave Wine Flooring

You could have shiny, perfect new flooring but that would be boring. Give your cellar some character with this flooring made from the outside of wine barrels.

Markings come from the metal hoops around the barrels meaning no two pieces are exactly the same. This is flooring with distinction!

Of course, countertops and tabletops are also available.


Careful selection went into building your wine collection. Reflect that same attention to detail in your wine cellar with vintage wine barrel flooring. Consult with the experts at Blue Grouse Wine Cellars to learn how best to incorporate it into your cellar.