You’ve had us build you a beautiful wine cellar, but a key element is missing – the wine! Many of our clients, especially spec home builders find buying wine to fill their cellars very expensive. Collecting empty bottles is also time-consuming and difficult. This often means cellars are left mostly empty and don’t show as well as they should. We’ve heard your request for a simpler and more cost-effective solution for staging your cellar. Now we have an answer!

The Blue Grouse Wine Cellar Staging Program

Order new, empty wine bottles with sealed, foil caps and attractive labels. The glass of the bottles is dark so it is not easy to tell the bottle is empty unless you pick it up. An added benefit is that transporting these empty bottles is much easier than full ones.

Labels have a simple, classy design with the Blue Grouse logo, indicating you’ve hired professionals to build your wine cellar.

Bottles are sold by the 12-bottle case at a rate of $2/bottle. Feel free to keep them on-hand for the next project or return them for a refund of $1/bottle.

Allow a minimum of one week from ordering for your bottles to be ready for pick-up at our showroom (1621 Welch Street, North Vancouver). Courier delivery service can also be arranged for an additional fee.

Contact us for help staging your cellar!