Wine Cellars

  • Wine Cellars represent the ultimate in wine storage solutions, particularly when it comes to design, bottle size and storage capacity.
  • Blue Grouse Wine Cellars provides you with a turn-key solution by analyzing your needs and wants, then designing and building your wine cellar using modular or custom racking. If you have your own builder, we can work with them by providing racking and cooling solutions, as well as expert advice and tips. We also provide wine room renovation, racking assembly and installation services within the Vancouver area.
  • Our craftsmen continue to achieve the highest customer satisfaction ratings and use NAFTA friendly components. They regularly build top quality custom cellars across North America. Contact us today to discuss your options.

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Wine Cellar Cooling

  • Wine cellar cooling units come in a wide variety of configurations. The cooling unit is the key component of any wine cellar, and with a substantial investment in your collection choosing the right one is imperative.
  • With an array of cooling units to choose from, the experts at Blue Grouse Wine Cellars look forward to working with you in order to ensure the right cooling system for your needs and budget are met. Installation services are also available for those within the metro Vancouver area.

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Wine Cellar Flooring

  • Bring a little character into your wine cellar with our selection of vintage wine barrel flooring. Each individual strip of this oak flooring is handcrafted with no two pieces ever looking the same.
  • Choose from cooperage (wood from the tops of the barrels, showing the cooperage stamps), wine infusion (from the inside of the barrel, stained with wine), staves (wood from the outside of the barrel showing the metal hoop markings).

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Wine Cabinets

  • Wine cabinets offer an easy and attractive way to protect your wine. Choose from a selection of built-in or furniture style cabinets.
  • We offer a large selection of styles with capacities ranging from less than 100 bottles to 700 bottles and beyond.
  • Many of our wine cabinets offer a variety of choices in terms of wood variety, stain and racking configuration, allowing you to customize your unit.

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Modular and Wall-Mounted Wine Racks

  • Modular wine racking and wall-mounted wine racks can fill a whole cellar or provide storage for a small number of bottles.
  • Choose from natural wood racking, stained/lacquered racking or wall-mounted wine racking solutions. Most of our racking is made in North America with our most popular modular solution manufactured locally in the Vancouver lower mainland area.
  • Assembly and installation services are available within the metro Vancouver area. Please call us for help in mapping out your modular solution.

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