Achieve maximum visual impact with the Float architectural wine display system by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars. High tension cables and glass suspend bottles in air. Space bottles according to your preference and capacity requirements with this wine racking system.

Modern Cable Wine Racking

How does the Float wine display system work?

Float wine racking is highly customizable to fit your collection requirements and aesthetic preferences. Each column consists of four high-tension cables and your selected number of bottles. Space bottles tightly to maximize capacity, or loosely for a display-oriented wine storage solution.


New! Coloured Glass Cradles Available

Glass cradles for the Float wine display system can be custom ordered in a variety of colours. Light or dark grey are most popular but almost any colour is a possibility. See below for a few options:

Light Green

Light Blue

Dark Grey

Light Grey


Face Bottles Neck or Label Forward:

Label Forward:    Neck Forward:  


Dimensions of the Float Wine Display System:Float Wine Glass

Height: Standard cables can extend up to 10 feet high. Longer cables can be ordered for taller ceilings.

Width: Label out displays should be spaced so that each column occupies a minimum of 13″. Neck out displays require a minimum column width of 7″.

Bottle Spacing: This is highly flexible but a minimum of 4″ will accommodate most standard 750ml bottles.

Bottle Sizes: The Float wine display system’s generously sized glass plates will comfortably accommodate most 750ml, Champagne and even 1.5 litre magnum bottles.


Structural Requirements:Float Wine Cables in Floor

Proper structural backing in the floor and ceiling is extremely important for proper installation of the Float wine display system.

A minimum 3/4″ plywood backing or similar is required. Please contact us for further advice on how to prepare for your Float wine racking installation.


Have Questions or Need Assistance in Planning your Float Wine Display?

Contact us to discuss your project, obtain a quote and plan appropriately for your Float wine display installation. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars also offers 3D designs of Float wine racking to fit your space and layout preferences.


Interested in Becoming a Dealer of Float Wine Racking?

Contact us to review dealership opportunities. Please note that your company must specialize in building wine cellars and/or selling wine racking and have an active website.